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  • MATPaint – a C# Experiment

    MATPaint – a C# Experiment

    MATPAint – Application Screenshot This is a C# application, I and a friend [Maaz] made for our C# class project, part of the project was to get an article published on and we did that as well. While making the App, half way there, I put it on GitHub for keeping track of the […]

  • IEEE Xtreme 6.0 – Questions [PDF]

    IEEE Xtreme 6.0 – Questions [PDF]

    IEEE Xtreme Link: I myself did not participate in the IEEE Xtreme 6.0 competition held last month (Oct-2012) but I did manage to get my hands on the material provided to the participants, including the FAQ Page, the Sample Question and the actual-competition-Questions. All are provided in a not-so-neat-PDF P.S.: here is the questions […]

  • Thank You ALL for all the WISHES

    Thank You ALL for all the WISHES

    It’s my birthday today and I can’t remember getting so many wishes any year before this year… I know it is a bit early in the day and there are many more wishes on their way but still, THANK YOU ALL… Credits of this animation to its makers, I did not make this SRC: Hops […]

  • (R)Evolutionary Software

    (R)Evolutionary Software

    I have always been fascinated by the concept of Singularity / Artificial Intelligence and things of this sort. However, I do realize that things like this are still quite far out the reach of becoming reality. But still, it doesn’t hurt to try, like this Regression Analysis System – EUREQA ( which can detect relationship between […]

  • Sorting


    Lately, I have been learning/reading about Sorting, so here are a few links: This article ( got me started on sorting in the first place.