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  • Leaky Code…

    I had heard lots and lots about leaky code so far, but never actually learned about it or read about it until tonight… so here it is below: a sample of LEAKY CODE (source: Wikipedia) #include <stdlib.h> void function_which_allocates(void) { /* allocate an array of 45 floats */ float * a = malloc(sizeof(float) * 45); […]

  • EiD: Hugs, Eidi and GUNS

    EiD: Hugs, Eidi and GUNS

    First and foremost; EID MUBARAK TO ALL… I have been awfully lazy this Eid and didn’t even send Eid Greetings SMS to anyone except a select few. If someone looked down on Karachi, PK via satellite on Eid days, he would see Large gatherings of Muslims Hugging each other like its the last time they’ll […]

  • Bottle Cap Runaway Car….!

    Bottle Cap Runaway Car….!

    I have a little cousin, in 7th grade… he has recently been getting more and more interested in hacking and tinkering his toys, taking them apart and playing with the LEDs and motors inside. When I met him last week, he showed me this car that he made, all by himself. he was like kinda […]

  • Workstation @ Home

    Workstation @ Home

    A laptop, a desktop PC, one Raspberry Pi and a soldering station plus loads of electronic components right in my reach in all those drawers…

  • Hacking the Xbox [Book+Xbox] – to play or to hack that is the question

    Hacking the Xbox [Book+Xbox] – to play or to hack that is the question

    As I was completing the first few pages of the book “hacking the Xbox”, Nasir Jumani was teasing me with his texts about how good the games are and that I am to bring my own controller if I want to play. After getting the soft copy of the book Hacking the Xbox for free, […]