GDGK Karachi

what I Walked Away With..? GDGK DevFest Khi

GDGK Karachi

Today 23rd Dec 2012, after the World didn’t end as the Mayan’s had predicted or maybe they were lazy and didn’t wanna make more calender, I attended the Google Developers Group DevFest Karachi. After a rough start in the morning and having some problems at the entrance finally got in and attended the whole thing till 6PM. The event was quite good, though it could have been better, cause what we learn at such events matters more and I learned a lot.

To put the things I walked away from this event in a list  in addition to the t-shirt

  • Make sure to read the entire email for attending an event and fulfil all requirements. I hadn’t got the ID but I was still there in morning to attend the event.
  • Don’t back out from any competition, local or global if you can participate, then participate.
  • Google App Engine is cool, gotta learn some of it… to Python or to Go, that is the question now.
  • They said Do Blog, so here I am blogging about it
  • Android, HTML5 and stuff gotta keep some project alive on these to keep these newly-learned-skills anew.
  • Educate your clients, this is something what I h
    ave been doing for long.. :)
  • Developers make something from nothing, except maybe coffee.
  • If you have got an idea, go with it, even if it fails you will learn how to do the next one better.
  • and more… can’t remember now…

Anyways, THANKS GDGK Team and all the Speakers and Google for such an event, I hope to attend many more similar in 2013.