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  • Analyse this..! [Circuit Troll]

    Analyse this..!            [Circuit Troll]

    With only a day left in exams and first one being of Circuit Analysis II this circuit troll has been brain-teasing me for the last few hours.

  • Muntzing [Definition]

    Muntzing [Definition]

    Muntzing The process of removing components from an electronics device so that it is left with the least minimum components required to work. The term Muntzing, made popular by Earl William “Madman” Muntz (January 3, 1914 – June 21, 1987) [Link to his Wikipedia Article]. He made and sold cheap TVs which used only 17 vacuum tubes […]

  • Project: Portal Turret [Video]

    This has to be the coolest thing I have seen today apart from learning what Kurtosis is (only by definition). Especially for friends of mine who are making videos of their projects.

  • Transformer [Video]

    Here is a COOL transforming robot video to get through these slow and un-called-for vacations ….

  • Download SSCU V.10 [BETA]

    Download SSCU V.10 [BETA]

    Here it for Simple Screen Capture Utility V.1.0 [BETA] for all to download, I will be waiting for feedback so ping me back if you see any problem. Just extract the files from the .zip archive and run Setup.exe. [UPDATE: Sorry about my name getting in your start menu, I myself didn’t knew about that […]