Analyse this..! [Circuit Troll]

With only a day left in exams and first one being of Circuit Analysis II this circuit troll has been brain-teasing me for the last few hours.

A Simple Series Circuit with a NOT-SO-SIMPLE Output

The circuit shown in image is APPARENTLY made up of 6 LEDs, 6 Switches, 1 Resistor, 1 Battery Clip and 1 9V Battery, but everything except the battery is MODIFIED in one way or the other. Try if you can figure out what’s at play here….

The Video shows the circuit components being soldered together and then a demonstration, the video is un-cut and real, this youtube user has done similar things in past so this ain’t FAKE, but before looking for solutions, try to think how this can work.

There are a few theories that might be working here; go down more to see those…













Some theories of how this might be working are:

  • One or more frequency generators in the batter clip
  • inductors/bypasses hidden in LEDs which only pass one certain frequency to light the LED
  • LEDs are in pairs and there are 3 frequencies
  • Diodes or Notch Filters  inside the switches controlling modulation or which frequency to stop
  • AM Modulation

The maker is a SOLDER-NINJA… beware…!!