(R)Evolutionary Software

I have always been fascinated by the concept of Singularity / Artificial Intelligence and things of this sort. However, I do realize that things like this are still quite far out the reach of becoming reality.

But still, it doesn’t hurt to try, like this Regression Analysis System – EUREQA ( which can detect relationship between given data points and give mathematical calculations which predict the behaviour of the system.

Video shows a simple Model search on Eureqa:

Designing Circuits by EVOLUTION

Yesterday, I saw another similar project which is worth sharing and is related to my studies (Electronics Engineering). Henrik Forstén ( has been working on an Evolutionary Algorithm for designing of Analog Circuits, his system though currently in initial phases was able to design an inverter circuit (and more) with only the information of how many components, which components and the input output relation.

This is a GIF Image showing the results of the circuit over several iterations;


More details about this Evolutionary Algorithm at his site: