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  • LIKE it or else… [Facebook]

    LIKE it or else… [Facebook]

    I usually refrain from liking each and every page or group on facebook, I don’t have any actual solid reason for this, I just don’t do it… nor do I join all groups that I am invited to, so don’t weep if I rejected your invitation to like something.  Still, what happened today, was a […]

  • Win Phone 7 Workshop @ FAST

    Win Phone 7 Workshop @ FAST

    10th of February, 2011 – First day of a 4 day workshop at FAST-NU. Windows Phone7 Tuts “Dummy to Guru” Workshop by IEEE-NUCES Computer Society (Facebook Event Page link for Windows Phone7 Tuts Workshop) Useful Stuff is down after some intro and other notes…. I had gotten news of it from facebook, registered for it […]

  • Invisibility: Another Service from Google

    Invisibility: Another Service from Google

    Well, with all the awesome services that Google is providing us…. someday this will work on more than chat…

  • Benefits of SSL – a.k.a. Encryption

    Benefits of SSL – a.k.a. Encryption

    Here in Pakistan(especially) and generally all over the world, people crave free Internet and get online anywhere anytime on anyone’s machine or network when they are offered free Internet. This applies to those free Wifi stalkers as well, who just roam around with their laptops looking for a free Wifi network, I just want to […]

  • Hello world!

    Hello world!

      I know and not know MANY THINGS… This blog is my home on the Interwebs, here; I will be writing about the stuff I will be doing regarding my studies and freelancing. I will also be sharing Diggablle things here which I may find when wandering the vast distances of Internet. In the end this […]