LIKE it or else… [Facebook]

I usually refrain from liking each and every page or group on facebook, I don’t have any actual solid reason for this, I just don’t do it… nor do I join all groups that I am invited to, so don’t weep if I rejected your invitation to like something.  Still, what happened today, was a bit strange for me.

I had finally bowed down to the awesomeness of the new Portal 2 game and started downloading the demo, as soon as the download started, I updated my facebook status:

Facebook Status: Downloading Portal 2
Facebook Status: Downloading Portal 2

Nothing strange about that, I update my Facebook status regularly, more often then I tweet, but then I saw the Recommended Pages box on the right and it was showing the page for Portal and another game (Left 4 Dead) for me to LIKE………

Facebook is so damn intelligent that it figured out that I was downloading the game and it also knew I had already not LIKED it so it offered me to LIKE it, but why cant it detect that I am one of those who dont LIKE pages.

Here is the screenshot, as you can see, only a couple of seconds have passed since I had updated my status, even the Ads in Gmail appear a bit late when compared to this, I think Facebook is gonna soon beat Google in Contextual Ads or has it already beaten….

Facebook Status: Downloading Portal - Complete Screenshot
Too desperate if you ask me, but GOLD in terms of contextual advertising

Win Phone 7 Workshop @ FAST

10th of February, 2011 – First day of a 4 day workshop at FAST-NU.

Windows Phone7 Tuts “Dummy to Guru”
Workshop by IEEE-NUCES Computer Society

(Facebook Event Page link for Windows Phone7 Tuts Workshop)

Useful Stuff is down after some intro and other notes….

I had gotten news of it from facebook, registered for it ASAP and now seems like all efforts well spent, the first day was a breeze, made my first Windows Phone 7 App and it was hell easy as I already had small experience with VB.Net Development and Microsoft has made all Visual Studio so much better over the years. Although this is something entirely new for me and I have no idea whatsoever about C#, but this is fun…

Many thanks to Saad Zaman for making this all happen and to Mr. Niyaz Noor Ali for conducting the workshop with such energy, I hope it gets better and better in the remaining days.

Now, for the actual stuff for which I wrote this post, I will keep adding links related to windows Phone7 Development at the end of this post, so that others attending the workshop and some other who wanted but didn’t attend the workshop can get in on the action.

BTW, There is a lot of reading and lot of work to do in order to do anything of worth.
Continue reading Win Phone 7 Workshop @ FAST

Benefits of SSL – a.k.a. Encryption

Here in Pakistan(especially) and generally all over the world, people crave free Internet and get online anywhere anytime on anyone’s machine or network when they are offered free Internet. This applies to those free Wifi stalkers as well, who just roam around with their laptops looking for a free Wifi network, I just want to say this to these people YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER.

I for one, am paranoid about my belongings and my presence on the web and I try my best not to login from any computer but mine I don’t even use the Internet from my Institute’s computers, cause if I start here telling you what can be done and what could have been done with your credentials which you just gave away when using someone else’s network or computer to access the Internet you would wish you had an UNDO button. If you are using a NON-ENCRYPTED connection to a website, all information which flows to and fro between you and the website is open for anyone in-between the link to intercept and store without your knowledge. Continue reading Benefits of SSL – a.k.a. Encryption

Hello world!


I know and not know MANY THINGS… This blog is my home on the Interwebs, here; I will be writing about the stuff I will be doing regarding my studies and freelancing. I will also be sharing Diggablle things here which I may find when wandering the vast distances of Internet.

In the end this is my personal blog, I will try to spread the knowledge which I know, but please do your own research before following anything I  say, as I may be wrong (most of the time, I am wrong), but when I am right I will surely be of great help to you.

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