Win Phone 7 Workshop @ FAST

10th of February, 2011 – First day of a 4 day workshop at FAST-NU.

Windows Phone7 Tuts “Dummy to Guru”
Workshop by IEEE-NUCES Computer Society

(Facebook Event Page link for Windows Phone7 Tuts Workshop)

Useful Stuff is down after some intro and other notes….

I had gotten news of it from facebook, registered for it ASAP and now seems like all efforts well spent, the first day was a breeze, made my first Windows Phone 7 App and it was hell easy as I already had small experience with VB.Net Development and Microsoft has made all Visual Studio so much better over the years. Although this is something entirely new for me and I have no idea whatsoever about C#, but this is fun…

Many thanks to Saad Zaman for making this all happen and to Mr. Niyaz Noor Ali for conducting the workshop with such energy, I hope it gets better and better in the remaining days.

Now, for the actual stuff for which I wrote this post, I will keep adding links related to windows Phone7 Development at the end of this post, so that others attending the workshop and some other who wanted but didn’t attend the workshop can get in on the action.

BTW, There is a lot of reading and lot of work to do in order to do anything of worth.

(The links are NOT in any particular order)

Software and Other (Official) Tools:

Tutorials and Other Stuff for Beginners

Other Stuff






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