Facebook Status: Downloading Portal 2

LIKE it or else… [Facebook]

I usually refrain from liking each and every page or group on facebook, I don’t have any actual solid reason for this, I just don’t do it… nor do I join all groups that I am invited to, so don’t weep if I rejected your invitation to like something.  Still, what happened today, was a bit strange for me.

I had finally bowed down to the awesomeness of the new Portal 2 game and started downloading the demo, as soon as the download started, I updated my facebook status:

Facebook Status: Downloading Portal 2
Facebook Status: Downloading Portal 2

Nothing strange about that, I update my Facebook status regularly, more often then I tweet, but then I saw the Recommended Pages box on the right and it was showing the page for Portal and another game (Left 4 Dead) for me to LIKE………

Facebook is so damn intelligent that it figured out that I was downloading the game and it also knew I had already not LIKED it so it offered me to LIKE it, but why cant it detect that I am one of those who dont LIKE pages.

Here is the screenshot, as you can see, only a couple of seconds have passed since I had updated my status, even the Ads in Gmail appear a bit late when compared to this, I think Facebook is gonna soon beat Google in Contextual Ads or has it already beaten….

Facebook Status: Downloading Portal - Complete Screenshot
Too desperate if you ask me, but GOLD in terms of contextual advertising






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