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LCD Interfacing with AVR – [VIDEO + FILES]



My friend asked me to make a demo video for him on how to interface AVR with a Text LCD using a LCD Library available freely(links below). After procrastinating as much as I could, I finally made the video, prepared it for upload, finalized the files etc and now here is this post…

I will try to explain some parts of the library which should be edited to change the ports and pins of the library and how set the data and control pins of LCD on different ports of AVR. I will try to add relevant information here in this post in a day or two….

UPDATE: Here is the Explanation post link: LCD Interfacing with AVR – [Library Explanation]

For now, I am attaching all relevant files with this post so you may easily download them and use.

Software Used:

  • AVR Studio with WINAVR (AVR GCC)
  • Proteus for Simulation
  • LCD Interface Library from Peter Fleury (
[Download not found]

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