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  • Arduino an Explanation – AVR @ Heart

    Arduino an Explanation – AVR @ Heart

    I have been asked again and again by my friends and students to use Arduino or not and some people who are using AVR asked me if Arduino is better and some who were using Arduino asked the same about AVR. Well, here it goes, [this is all that I know, haven’t researched or confirm any […]

  • Simulating Arduino [Steps for Windows/PC]

    Simulating Arduino [Steps for Windows/PC]

    This is a STEP-by-STEP post, no-nonsense approach to simulating an Arduino on your PC, for those who don’t have the actual Arduino hardware, but have the following Required Software: Arduino [Free] Download from Proteus [NOT-Free] (I am assuming you have a licensed version from school or something (google maybe) From here on, I will […]

  • Project Files: Tachtastic – AVR Tachometer

    Project Files: Tachtastic – AVR Tachometer

    On demand of a site-visitor (Mohsen) I have uploaded all the relevant files that I had for the project Tachtastic: AVR Tachometer, you can download and view them. The files are more than a year old and show how I coded back then and were not meant for uploading – but now that I have […]

  • Phase and Integral Cycle AC Power Control with Arduino

    Phase and Integral Cycle AC Power Control with Arduino

    What you see above is a project made for my Power Electronics Course, last term, finally completed and submitted. It is an AVR based board having 2 optically-isolated TRIACs for AC Power Control and implements both Phase Control and Burst Fire Control on each of the TRIACs. Controllable by an NEC IR Remote, shows status […]

  • Vero-BoArduino


    Recently I have been using Arduino more and more, and since I don’t own any actual Arduino boards I had to put the hex generated by the Arduino IDE to my custom AVR Boards either manually or by using the “Upload Using Programmer” option in the IDE. With a USBasp programmer, you can program an […]