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  1. Taha Avatar

    Hi Zahid, Hope you are doing well.

    My name is Taha basically I am from Pakistan but by that moment doing masters from Germany, I reallyy appreciate your repository on github you have done great job. i have a question regarding one of your repo for wavesahre fingerprint sensor, I also have bought one from wave share and this is the datasheet for the sensor, as i am new to this I dont know much about it, but I cloned your code for another fingerprint sensor from waveshare and without alterating it I tried to run it on Arduino Due board and it has returned some error do you have any idea how to read data from the sensor I have already. if you want you can also contact me on my whatsapp +491776844744, and we can have little telex chat.

  2. Joe Melhorn Avatar
    Joe Melhorn

    Hi Zahid
    I was reading about your Tachtastic tach project and you mention a download link for the project files/docs, but the link is missing. Can you provide a link or have you withdrawn that information?
    Joe M.

  3. Nasrullah Muhammad Ismail Avatar

    asslamulikam sir kia hal hai sir

    1. Zaid Pirwani Avatar


      Alhamdulillah, I am good – what new things are you working on

comment bhi kar hi dain.. :P

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