About Me

meI am Zaid Pirwani,
Industrial Electronics Engineer,
MS EE student at PAF KIET,
co-founder and Engineer at EjaadTech,
non-frequent blogger based in Karachi, Pakistan.

This Blog

This blog serves as my way of shouting out to the world, I will be posting here anything that interests me, posts about any projects etc that I am working on, stuff related to electronics, engineering, web design and computers and whatever I like and when and if I get time to put up here….

EjaadTech – http://ejaadtech.com

EjaadTech is an engineering and technology design firm, developing smart devices for the consumer market.

I am one of the 2 co-founders, along with Nasir Jumani – mostly we are working on our own or with friends, colleagues, students, trying new things and ideas BUT we are open to business. Wait for some very cool things from us in the near future.

My Studies

I completed my Bachelors of Engineering Degree (B.E.) in Industrial Electronics Engineering from Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering (IIEE), Karachi in 2013, currently pursuing MS in electronics from PAF KIET with special interest in Power Electronics (Solar Voltaic stuff) changed to Analog IC Design changed to Robotics and Computer Programming.


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  1. Shanno.G Avatar

    Hi,I love your’Engineers Multi Tool’published on Hackaday.io,is it availble for sale?

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