SSCU – Simple Screen Capture Utility V.1.0 [BETA]

It is time, I think the app is ready to be given a version number, considered Alpha and out of initial hack’n’slash development phase.

Introducing Simple Screen Capture Utility V.1.0 (Beta); it was supposed to be called YASCU, “Yet Another Screen Capture Utility” but that seems to be already taken and since I don’t want any legal actions against me I have decided to change the name.

But since this is in BETA at the moment, I am not publishing the App here, if you want to test drive it, then go ahead, the code is all available at SSCU GIT Repo and there is a working EXE in the debug folder.

INSPIRED by all the times I had to save screenshots taken with Windows 7 Snipping Tool (details below), only to be inserted as image in a Word Document. MOTIVATED by Code Challenge and FUELED by the desire to learn one new bit each day.

I am still figuring out between various UIs and better flow of the app, but since I myself am using it regularly now, expect changes to the GUI.


I am doing B.E. and we have to make practical files for our weekly labs, having 5 subjects and 5 labs a week there are many simulations to do, models to make and calculations to be done, in the end everything is noted down in a word document, screenshots of simulations and results etc are needed. I used the Snipping Tool in Windows 7 to select the region, then save the image, then insert the image in the Word file. SSCU’s main goal was to allow region based capture and put the captured image on clipboard for easy adding to Word. SSCU is also supposed to be as much out of the way as possible… so let’s see where this takes me.

Update: SSCU Download is now ready