Code Challenge – Un-charted GUI Land

I have accepted this challenge, 

The challenge is SIMPLE… try something NEW

I have chosen Visual Studio 2010 as my IDE, C# as the language I will be using. A simple Screen-Capture Utility is the goal… to make things interesting I have decided to learn Version-Control as well along this challenge and have just finished installing GIT and figuring the basis, apparently GIT is not that hard if you read from the proper source:

Captured image of a Screen Capture Utility

I have decided to keep it all OPEN-SOURCE, so I have made an account for FREE at GitHub and will be putting up my first repository there in morning, for now, the Screen-Capture utility seems to be serving its main goal and I can capture any rectangle I want from the screen, now am thinking of adding features until the challenge ends… :) though I still haven’t thought of a name for my screen-capture utility, any naming suggestions…..

I have thought of many features which I will be making a list of and will start doing those in order of essentials first, like mouse based region capture, global hot-key, notification-area-mode etc…  though like the name, I am open to ideas for the features as well.






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