My First GIT Repo

After accepting the challenge, I have started the work on “SSC – Simple Screen Capture”, I am using GIT for version Control and until now the process has been easy but the task at hand has been much difficult than I had anticipated.

I have been doing programming work since a few years now, like making some small console based apps and much work on AVR Micro-controller, but this GUI businesses is quite new for me. I am slowly progressing and repeating 4 simple steps again and again.

  1. Googling the task
  2. Copying the code
  3. Editing code to my needs
  4. repeating from step 1

You can see my status at the GIT Repo for SSC (

I have already put in 2 commits and I am liking GIT, I had first thought that this would be something quite complex and will slow down my work, but this is actually very streamlined and easy. However, as I have almost no experience of GUI Programming and almost no practice on C# I am getting stuck again and again.






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