Tachtastic: AVR Tachometer [Gallery]

Here is an image gallery of TACHTASTIC, the AVR Tachometer, all images are arranged in order of when they were taken (50+ images), the gallery has pics from the very start of the project when I was just testing out on breadboard, final breadboard test prototype and finally images of the completed PCB and sensors. I also have got two images of the cardboard cut-out which I used to judge the placement of components.

Details about the Tachtastic Project are here (http://zaidpirwani.com/826)







2 responses to “Tachtastic: AVR Tachometer [Gallery]”

  1. Rehman Avatar

    how to connect motor through audio jack ??

    1. Zaid Pirwani Avatar

      motor is NOT connected to the audio jack… the sensors are made in a such a way that they connect to the audio jack…

comment bhi kar hi dain.. :P

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