Codecademy – Learn to Code, Literally

codecademy-image-postIf you wish to learn how to program, the Internet is full of useful information, you can find books that teach you how to program, some even claim to do that in 24 hours however doubtful that may be, almost all the ways that you have tried uptill now take a sort of similar approach. First teach fundamental, then teach about the software which will be used as a coding, compiling mechanism then start again with the coding with variables, loops, functions, conditions and so on….

Codecademy ( takes a bit different approach and aims to make learning to program simple and fun.

“Coding is going to be the literacy of the 21st Century, and we think we have the easiest way to do it,” says co-founder Zach Sims.

When you go to the site, it gives you a big text-box in the front where it asks for your name and as soon as you do that the coding class has begun. Currently the site only teaches Javascript (a form of Java used on the web) but the courses are great for beginners as they are and if given enough time, one can easily learn basic programming skills from this website without needing any special software or being on a computer. The class is online, you can log-in from anywhere and use it when you have time.






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