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nays-image-postToday I got a friend request on Facebook from a Mr. Rahib Hussain, although I usually don’t accept friend requests from people I don’t know but after checking his profile I found out that we had a few mutual friends, he is studying at Iqra University and he is IT Co-ordinator for some organization named “National Academy of Young Scientists, Pakistan (NAYS)”, I had never heard of it and so I started looking.

Name: National Academy of Young Scientists, Pakistam – (NAYS)
Facebook (Page):
Facebook (Group):
Google Group:

On first impression it seems something worth being a part of, they have fostered a good community of students, scholars and professionals working towards finding and encouraging new talent, providing opportunities of networking to students and professionals and effectively providing news related to the science related activities in Pakistan. The NAYS Team is made up of some very learned people and memberships are open for anyone interested to register.

The Facebook NAYS page (and group) shows heated conversations, various events and a good mix of news and resources related to Science and Technology. They have news related to admissions in various institutions in and out of Pakistan, Scholarship opportunities and other things that students especially will find very very useful. I personally liked the newsletter and I breezed through some of the old issues in their Google group.

I suggest you head-on to there website, check out their Facebook page/group and be part of an organization that really is doing something for the students of this country [I plan to do that same].






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