FB Comments – Sacrificing Old for New

fb-comment-pluginFacebook introduced a new commenting system this year (a few months back) that lets website developers to put a Facebook comment box right on their website [Facebook Comments Plugin]. Now why would a developer want to do that, cause there are now more active people on facebook than the population of North America and letting Facebook handle the comments makes the commenting system safe, secure and more reliable than on your own server (unless you own a private server).

Now you can comment on my posts directly if you are already logged into Facebook and I know by personal experience that people log into Facebook first before doing anything else on the Internet, but even if you are not one of the 800+Million people on Facebook you can still comment on my website using credentials from Yahoo/Hotmail etc.

The best advantage that I get with implementing this system is that when you comment here, it will show in your news feed and if a friend of yours comments on your activity in your news feed it will sync up with here, my content gets shared on Facebook like regular Facebook updates (you can only feel the joy if you are like me) and I get moderation control too. However this benefit comes with the price of losing the OLD comments as I cannot keep both as that just looked awkward (I tried but it didn’t work as expected), so apologies to those who had commented here earlier, all the old comments are gone (actually hidden in my database but not shown on the site). I expect this system to work better than the previous one and boost the conversations on posts creating an active community.

Working towards a better social experience and learning the Facebook Developer Tools this way. If you are facing any problem with the new system or have something to tell me, don’t hesitate to talk, I am just a comment away.

P.S. I also fixed the image that shows when sharing a link on Facebook from this site, now the correct image will automatically show up in your stream.






comment bhi kar hi dain.. :P

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