Making Batteries Better


If you were asked how to make better batteries, what would you have done..?

Whatever your answer maybe but I bet you never would poke holes in it… but oddly enough scientists at Northwestern University are tweaking lithium-ion batteries to last 10 times longer and charge 10 times faster than the battery technology used today by simply making millions of nano sized holes in it and changing the materials a bit to cram more Li-ions in the battery.

meaning that you can charge these in a mere 15 minutes and use for about a week, the only downside being is that after about a year of use (150 charge cycles) the battery will lose some of its charge storage but will still be 5 times better then the current batteries.

Lets hope this comes to market as soon as it can, cause what good are high performance mobile processors without proper batteries.

Source: BBC News

Detailed Source: In-Plane Vacancy-Enabled High-Power Si–Graphene Composite Electrode for Lithium-Ion Batteries






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