Vote for Me or Else [Self-Promotion]

pakistan-blog-awards-2011-nominate-blog-002Blog awards are a new thing in Pakistan and the Pakistan Blog Awards 2011 is the second of such event here. This year, I have a blog and since I have been so good(I think posting on my blog count as being good), I have nominated my-self in the category of Science Blog.

So head on there and VOTE for my blog, otherwise I will need to say please. Not only votes, click on the link of my site on the Blog Awards page and give some VIEWS too, if you have a bit time, then a COMMENT saying of what you think about my site there would be nice as well.


There I have said with please as well… if you need pretty please tell me, I will personally mail that to too, but go and vote.

As the Guidelines on the Blog Awards site says:

You should promote your accepted submission entry like crazy and get friends, family, distant cousins, the funny uncle who chats and the acquaintance you only call when there’s work to be done, to come and vote for your entry. Please note that only votes accumulated on this website will count towards the winner. Please also download badges from our Promotion page in the Media Centre section to help you promote your blog.

So, I am contacting everyone that I know, even that funny uncle of mine as the above quote says…






comment bhi kar hi dain.. :P

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