DASH CAM - from AliExpress

DASH Cams Needed

TLDR = Dash Cams if promoted in our country would result in a drastic change in the habits of people on a macro level.

DASH CAM = A camera installed inside a car in the front portion (usually behind the rear-view mirror) which makes video of what happens in front of the car.

DASH CAM - from AliExpress
DASH CAM – from AliExpress

Not so expensive when compared compared to the price of a car or by the list of features they come with or by the possible benefit they can provide.

Some features of a basic 15-25 USD Dash Cam from AliExpress

  • upto 1080p HD video recording
  • SD Card upto 32GB
  • Loop recording, if card is full, oldest video gets over-written
  • Motion detector (only record video when something moves)
  • G-Sensor (basic Accelerometer which starts recording if someone moves the car, something hits the car)
  • Night Vision (IR LEDs)
  • 2.7 inch Display
  • Audio Recording (inside and around car)
  • Analog Video out / HDMI out / USB Connectivity
  • Built-in battery and charging (works even when car is not running)

Link to a simple AliExpress Search: http://goo.gl/kB4lWi


So,keeping in view the rampant corruption of police on the roads, the constant disobeying of the Law by every other person, accidents, terror incidents (Mobile/Car/Bike Snatching, Target Killing, Bombs and such) natural calamities and more – if 1 in every 5 or 10 cars would install a DASH CAM – there would be so many more eyes on the roads all the time and everywhere – talking about the whole of the country, not just Pakistan.


Insurance companies could make it mandatory or give discount to car owners having a CAM.
Companies having fleets of cars will have video RECORD of where their vehicles have been – might help them in some cases
—- you can most possibly think of more ways this might happen)
– a Startup brings in a lot of DASH CAMs and starts selling or just works on creating awareness and maybe makes a mobile app or a portal or a software which allows easy video selection/cutting/editing/uploading.


People buy and install DASH Cams in their cars, and keep going with their lives, but everyone experiences something which shakes them and at that moment, maybe video proof of the event might help someone or just knowing that the roads are being recorded – there might be less corruption, people might follow Traffic Laws more, Terror incidents may decrease.

Not everyone will buy one, not everyone will bother to download video of some event from the CAM and upload it online (we still have youtube blocked), not everyone will see it as a good idea, but sharing such videos on Social Media will allow people to point fingers, ask questions, demand justice and this just might start to change the overall picture.

Now, I dont know much about the Pakistani market, hell I dont even own a car, but I have not seen one person using a DASH Cam so far, and anyone and everyone I have asked recently (except for the group post) – majority does not know what it is. This is also possibly not the first post about DASH Cams needed in Pakistan, but think about it…


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P.S. I dont know why i wrote this, there is so many other things to do, work and stuff, but this has been bothering me for a few months now… needed to let it out.






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  1. Shaheer Syed Avatar

    Absolutely right (Y)
    And if any Tech related company could take an start with only its installation and related services, it could do one hell of a business ;)

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