[LINUXLOG 002]: The First Crash

I thought only windows would crash so easily, but today when I started my laptop, it never gave me the desktop… some errors about can’t load cinnamon this and that and virtualbox kernel service. but unlike windows which when crash don’t give any avenue for repair, I was able to login from the other terminals.


I used the text-based browser, Lynx to check what the problem was, did some purging of all virtualbox related stuff and reinstalled cinnamon and then voila, I was able to login again.  But I will need to run Windows and Visual Studio and some other software as from tomorrow classes are starting and I need the Microsoft goodness too, even when I don’t want it.

I am logging in all the major steps and as soon as I learn how to GIT from the command line, it will be all up in a repo on, soon.






comment bhi kar hi dain.. :P

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