[LINUXLOG 001]: Initial Hurdles of Linux

So far so good, LMD (Linux Mint Debian) is turning out to be clean and simple, or maybe it is cause am not doing much work as I was on Windows8, but waiting for the regular classes to start, then will need the Windows software I have been using.

Got a MATLAB related task to do, skipping it cause of no MATLAB, but will install octave and use it instead for future work, or MATLAB if I ever get around to install Windows as dual boot or virtual.

I had to use Arduino, AVRDUDE but both gave permission errors, so for the time being, used sudo but should fix it for proper use. As I had to copy some Arduino library files, I needed to find out where Arduino was installed and still I am not clear on how Linux stores files, so used commands locate and whereis, both are search related commands, whereis is I think specifically for searching where a command binary actually is and locate is for commands/folders and files everything (I think). Also, at first I just tried locate Arduino and it gave such a long list that the terminal window didn’t show it all, so used | less to paginate the output (not sure what less is actually, man defines it as opposite of more .. :) very helpful).

  • whereis some_file_name
  • locate avrdude
  • add | less at end of whereis command if result is too long, whereis some_file_name | less


Also need to install F.Lux on Linux (I just can’t look at the white screen now after so many years of using F.Lux on windows, can’t install. Installed RedShift (similar) – have to configure.

Update: Arduino is working now, maybe just needed restarting… though GUI glitches still there (selected items in sub-menus have invisible text) – AVRDUDE to test later.







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