Project Files: Tachtastic – AVR Tachometer

Tachtastic – an Image from the old days

On demand of a site-visitor (Mohsen) I have uploaded all the relevant files that I had for the project Tachtastic: AVR Tachometer, you can download and view them. The files are more than a year old and show how I coded back then and were not meant for uploading – but now that I have seen it myself, seems to be well-documented not well coded though.

Download the below provided rar file, it contains all of the files that I have, including 2 versions of AVR Code, schematic files made in Circuit Wizard, PCB files [pdf] and images of the circuit.

There have already been 2 posts about this Tachtastic project and this being the third one will probably be the last one unless I make another AVR Tachometer, Tachtastic v2.0.

  1. Tachtastic Project Details
  2. Tachtastic Image Gallery

Without any further delay, here is the download link:

[Download not found]

Now that you have downloaded the rar file, this is what you will find inside, 4 folders:


  • Circuit-files
    • This folder contains Circuit Wizard files of the circuit, which has both the schematic and the PCB layout, plus schematic and PCB layout in PDF files if you don’t have circuit wizard, multiple views of the circuit as circuit wizard had a number of views to choose from.
  • MISC
    • The MISC folder, contains things like datasheets, mechanical drawing of LCD that I used and a couple other things used and downloaded during the course of making the project.
  • Tachtastic
    • This is the main folder which contains the AVR Studio v4 solution, all source files and related files etc included. I tested it that it was compiling before uploading, so it should compile without any problem. I myself have gone through the code, it seems I had commented it when I was making the first time, so looks good enough and I am leaving the understanding of the code to you.
  • tachometer-01
    • Another AVR Studio v4 project, haven’t even seen the code, but seems relevant as it was in the same folder, maybe it is some older version of the code I was writing.



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