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  • Unsuccessful Installation [Better]

    Unsuccessful Installation [Better]

    So today, I was playing with AVR, USB, USB AVR Devices, etc; you know electronics and stuff. While trying out the AVR device I had maed on Windows 7, I was supposed to install some drivers etc, so I downloaded the driver, extracted it and ran, what I got after that was an unsuccessful installation…

  • LIKE it or else… [Facebook]

    LIKE it or else… [Facebook]

    I usually refrain from liking each and every page or group on facebook, I don’t have any actual solid reason for this, I just don’t do it… nor do I join all groups that I am invited to, so don’t weep if I rejected your invitation to like something.  Still, what happened today, was a…

  • AVR Fuse-Bit Fixer

    AVR Fuse-Bit Fixer

    All the time working and learning on AVRs, I made a lot of mistakes, partly to not checking for the correct the voltages, not putting limiting resistors or shorting stuff out, etc. So, I got myself a lot of BAD/DEAD AVRs, some were completely DEAD, but some had a problem which prevented me from programming…

  • AVR Tutorial in a GIF [Not Really]

    AVR Tutorial in a GIF [Not Really]

    AVR Tutorial: From Coding to Making the Hex File to Burning the AVR and then finally Seeing the Code run on the AVR…. GIF Snatched from A great site to learn about the AVR MicroController and to discuss problems/ideas/projects with the community….

  • Win Phone 7 Workshop @ FAST

    Win Phone 7 Workshop @ FAST

    10th of February, 2011 – First day of a 4 day workshop at FAST-NU. Windows Phone7 Tuts “Dummy to Guru” Workshop by IEEE-NUCES Computer Society (Facebook Event Page link for Windows Phone7 Tuts Workshop) Useful Stuff is down after some intro and other notes…. I had gotten news of it from facebook, registered for it…