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  • IEEE Xtreme 5.0 – [Thankyou Post]

    IEEE Xtreme 5.0 – [Thankyou Post]

    Whole Post in 1-Line: IEEE Xtreme makes me a better programmer PERIOD. I have been a student member of IEEE for about 2 years now and for these 2 years I tried to participate in as many IEEE related activities as I could the best thing that happened participating in IEEE Xtreme competitions. IEEE Xtreme is…

  • Weighting the Internet [Video]

    Weighting the Internet [Video]

    So with all the rage of keeping your weight in check, here is a video showing what the whole of Internet weights. Information does have its own burden, even if it is to the atomic size. Source: vsause

  • Ubuntu 11.04 [Inception Style]

    Ubuntu 11.04 [Inception Style]

    For as long as I can remember, I have been using computers with Windows installed on them from my first computer to many which came after it and the current lappy, all have Windows. Now, Windows is fine as far as I can tell; it gets my work done and I am happy with it,…

  • LCD Interfacing with AVR – [Library Explanation]

    LCD Interfacing with AVR – [Library Explanation]

    A few days ago, I posted a video+post about how to interface AVR with a text LCD (link: LCD Interfacing with AVR – [VIDEO + FILES]), but I had no time to explain some of the modifications which can be done in the library to get desired results. In this post I will try to…

  • LCD Interfacing with AVR – [VIDEO + FILES]

    LCD Interfacing with AVR – [VIDEO + FILES]

    My friend asked me to make a demo video for him on how to interface AVR with a Text LCD using a LCD Library available freely(links below). After procrastinating as much as I could, I finally made the video, prepared it for upload, finalized the files etc and now here is this post… I will…