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  • Tachtastic: AVR Tachometer [Gallery]

    Here is an image gallery of TACHTASTIC, the AVR Tachometer, all images are arranged in order of when they were taken (50+ images), the gallery has pics from the very start of the project when I was just testing out on breadboard, final breadboard test prototype and finally images of the completed PCB and sensors. […]

  • LCD Interfacing with AVR – [Library Explanation]

    LCD Interfacing with AVR – [Library Explanation]

    A few days ago, I posted a video+post about how to interface AVR with a text LCD (link: LCD Interfacing with AVR – [VIDEO + FILES]), but I had no time to explain some of the modifications which can be done in the library to get desired results. In this post I will try to […]

  • LCD Interfacing with AVR – [VIDEO + FILES]

    LCD Interfacing with AVR – [VIDEO + FILES]

    My friend asked me to make a demo video for him on how to interface AVR with a Text LCD using a LCD Library available freely(links below). After procrastinating as much as I could, I finally made the video, prepared it for upload, finalized the files etc and now here is this post… I will […]

  • AVR Fuse-Bit Fixer

    AVR Fuse-Bit Fixer

    All the time working and learning on AVRs, I made a lot of mistakes, partly to not checking for the correct the voltages, not putting limiting resistors or shorting stuff out, etc. So, I got myself a lot of BAD/DEAD AVRs, some were completely DEAD, but some had a problem which prevented me from programming […]

  • Voltage Indicator [Project]

    Voltage Indicator [Project]

    We were required to make sort of a final project for the first year of our studies as the year came to an end, the project was for the subject of PCB Manufacturing, so more emphasis on design of PCB than on the electronics was needed. While some of my friends did made exceptional (and […]