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  • Un-boxing Bus Pirate v4.0 [Gallery]

    Un-boxing Bus Pirate v4.0 [Gallery]

    I got my Bus Pirate v4.0 today, so here are some pics of the board – I still haven’t managed to use it till now, was missing a USB Cable [just got that now] * so much BubbleWrap..

  • STM32F3Discovery: Basic Project Template – Part-2

    STM32F3Discovery: Basic Project Template – Part-2

    The Part 1 [STM32F3Discovery: ARM GCC Environment on Windows], I wrote last month and I was supposed to post this a few days after but I got mixed up in more work than I could handle, but luck favours the lazy [sometimes] and while I was stuck in work and stuff, posted about a GitHub repo which…

  • STM32F3Discovery: ARM GCC Environment on Windows – Part-1

    STM32F3Discovery: ARM GCC Environment on Windows – Part-1

    After trying and trying and spending more than double the original price I finally got hold of a couple of STM32F3Discovery (Dev) Boards. These Boards pack a bit too much power from the perspective of a hobbyist like me who has used only 8-bit stuff till now and though I don’t have any specific plans…

  • Vero-BoArduino


    Recently I have been using Arduino more and more, and since I don’t own any actual Arduino boards I had to put the hex generated by the Arduino IDE to my custom AVR Boards either manually or by using the “Upload Using Programmer” option in the IDE. With a USBasp programmer, you can program an…

  • How to Breadboard

    How to Breadboard

    Breadboarding is the basic task of making the initial prototype of a circuit and if not given enough time the initial prototyping becomes so much pain that either much time is wasted in fixing the lose wires, or the project never gets completed and is abandoned. Now, how to breadboard is not some exact science,…