SSCU is alive [Code-Challenge-03]

This is the third post in series for a Code Challenge that I accepted:

  1. Code Challenge – Un-charted GUI Land
  2. My First GIT Repo

Well, the work is starting to pay-off, my application is looking somewhat functional now with the 3rd Commit on GITHub.

Now that the essential functionality of capturing rectangular regions of screen and saving them to clipboard has been accomplished I will be moving on to refining the app, adding the non-essentials and use it as my primary screen capture utility so that I get a taste of my own medicine.

If someone wants to test it out, I will be glad to keep in the loop. the complete source code is available at my SSCU Repo if anyone wishes to check it. The code may not seem very good at the moment, remember that I am working with C# almost entirely for the first time and working with Windows Forms is also a new area for me. so don’t expect very efficient, optimized or most secure code, it is what it is; though I am always open to reviews and feedback to my work.

SSCU Repo Link:

P.S. When using GIT GUI, if a commit has been already PUSHED, you cannot amend it from the GUI and if you try to do so, errors will arise, the next commit will need to replace the last one when pushed online.. lesson learned