Busy doing Science, no Engineering


Copied from (and edited a little) Penultimate Author, Abstruce Goose

*being busy these days, but feel-like living a free day and at night, just before falling asleep all the sorrows and pending work comes haunting… but I ain’t not scared of any ghosts… :)

BTW, wrote a paper regarding an AVR based board with USB (V.USB to be precise) and a bootloader which makes it work without a programmer – also, Arduino compatible, detailes later, refining these days.

[Download not found]

Presented the paper at a Student Research Paper Competition in COMNET’13 at Usman Institute of Technology, my friends also submitted their’s and WE WON, me winning the 1st Prize and my friends were the runner ups..

With Friends at COMNET'13 UIT - yes WE WON
With Friends at COMNET’13 UIT – yes WE WON