Newnes – Practical Electrical Engineering – Antique Book

 calderhall-plant-layoutFound a book in Sunday Bazaar, seemed interesting at the moment so bought it, for Rs. 20 (Approx. 0.2USD).

Am not an Electrical Engineer nor a student of it [see update below] but some of the charts and datasheets still seem quite relevant so maybe they will be useful for someone, for now I am putting up the images of all the Blue Prints and the Datasheets which came with it, I will probably put on proper names etc so Google can better index those.

Some of the ones that I liked were: Power Factor Measurement, Power Factor Correction, Cable Voltage Drop, Alternating Current Formulae and the colour layout of Calderhall Nuclear Generating Station.

Update: Technically I am an Electrical Engineering student, but as Wikipedia says, Electronics Engineering is a sub-field of Electrical so I am more close with the electronics side of engineering and I like to call myself as Industrial Electronics Engineer (student for now) instead of Electrical.

Here is the complete image album, click on the gear icon at top-right inside the frame to get higher resolution image.


INDEX – Newness Practical Electrical Engineering

Special Feature
Nuclear Power Generation Chart

BP-01 – Installation Testing
BP-02 – Cable Fault Location
BP-03 – Feeder Protection
BP-04 – Transformer Protection
BP-05 – Terminal Markings – Motor and Control Gear
BP-06 – Methods of Reversing Motors
BP-07 – Bus-Bar and Cable Markings
BP-08 – D.C. Motor Starting Circuits
BP-09 – A.C. Motor Starting Circuits
BP-10 – Phase Conversion and Phase Sequence Testing
BP-11 – Flourescent Lamps-Trouble-Tracing and Circuits
BP-12 – Cinema Theatre Television

01 – Alternating Current Formulae (Series Circuits)
02 – Alternating Current Formulae (Parallel and Series-Parallel Circuits)
03 – Alternating Current Formulae (Three Phase)
04 – Full Load Currents of Motors
05 – Fuse and Cable Sizes for Motors
06 – Cable Current Ratings
07 – Cable Voltage Drop
08 – Copper Wire Table
09 – Turns per Inch of Covered Conductors
10 – Weight of Covered Conductors
11 – Copper Resistance Temperature Constants
12 – Mass-Impregnated Non-Draining Cables
13 – Power Factor Measurement
14 – Power Factor Correction
15 – Capacitors for Induction Motor Power Factor Improvement
16 – Flourescent Lamp Illumination
17 – Lighting Circuits (Looped)
18 – Lighting Circuits (Joint Box)
19 – Water Heating
20 – Resistance Welding Machines
21 – Electric Master Clock Time System
22 – Typical 50-kVA, 3-Phase, 50-Cycle 11,000V Distribution Transformer
23 – The Booster Transformer
24 – Moving Coil Voltage Regulator






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