the NEW Office - never-before-seen RIBBON interface

the FEAR of Software

Over the course of years I have used Windows as the primary OS and have moved from Win95 to Win8 now, crossing all the steps along the way, including Win ME, 2000 and Vista. Along my so-called journey of evolution of Windows OS I have never hesitated to use the newer version of a software on the contrary I was always sort of excited to use something new – to learn how to use a new software.

Not only with Windows in particular, the software that I use everyday, I have never had any formal training of sorts and neither should anyone else need to, to get the basic tasks done. Yes; training is needed to become expert on something but just to use a software one should not need training that’s why we have HELP option in most software.

When in doubt, F1

However, when I see people around me, most are reluctant to use any new piece of software, or even updating to a newer version of the software that they already use, the best example being people NOT moving to the new Ribbon-based  Office and still using the older Office XP/2000.

Office 2003 - the CLASSIC office look
Office 2003 – the CLASSIC office look
the NEW Office - never-before-seen RIBBON interface
the NEW Office – never-before-seen RIBBON interface

to all those people I say,

Go ahead, use the NEW software, try it, look around, read the help-tips that come when you hover over something, even try HELP (with F1) or try Google-ing your problem – but do not STOP your work because you haven’t used that software before, there was a time when you hadn’t walked before but you tried and you are walking today.

What’s the worst that could happen by your using of a new software.