Eid Muabarak 1433H (2012) – Another LED-Dot-Matrix Display [VIDEO]


Another day, another celebration and another video showing a message on my newly found addiction of LED-Dot-Matrix Displays… This time, 2 displays connected together, showing the message as a marquee. The message was also now simply put in as a simple character array, no more manual pattern making, now the MESSAGE can be updated as easily as changing a character array, so it can be controlled quite easily.

Also tested in this demonstration was the capability of merging multiple displays together to form a long display, now I need to make another set and test for multiple lines. Thinking of making small BackPack style PCBs for these displays so that I can easily connect as many as needed in daisy-chain fashion.

The message shown on the LCD is

Heartiest EID GREETINGS to ALL, have a HAPPY, WONDERFUL, JOYOUS, SAFE and mobile-network-less EID.. ZP THANKS for WATCHING….

The camera even shows some columns as lit when they have been turned off (due to the camera’s frame-rate) but in actual this looks pretty amazing and damn cool. Also if you look closely, one column is not lighting up in the video, this is due to a defected Shift Register IC 74HC595, it is not activating 1-bit on its output, since I didn’t have any extra 74HC595 so the video was made without fixing it..